Recent Changes

29 SEP 2016

Updated broken links for the robots meta tag and txt on this changes page.

08 OCT 2010

Better late than never, I finally updated my employment page. I really need better content though.

13 APR 2010

Added cryptography and ssl pages. Added my certificates in the cryptography/certificates directory. Removed the public key block from the PGP page. It doesn't need to be inline, since it is already linked.

Tried to get the sitemap content negotiation to work right. It's still not perfect. More on this later, I hope. (See for more information.)

12 APR 2010

Added a insta-signing howto documenting the process to create a pgp signed document with the same timestamp as a timestamp within the body of the document.

03 APR 2010

Added a wiki. Now anyone can deface my website! Please attempt to be somewhat on topic. And remember: deceny and decorum in all things. The wiki is an implementation of UseModWiki.

15 MAR 2010

Finally got the secure Gallery Authentication Required pages working properly, so the link can now be officially advertised!

Added the actual photo to the PGP page.

Finally(!) added something about my dmesg module to the code page. It only took ~6 years!

Cleaned up the machine page a bit, especially regarding uptime. Added a link to the graph!

23 JAN 2010

Removed the "patches" that have been on the page for years as broken links and were never populated. Added a new patches section that really contains useful information about the patches I've written.

09 JAN 2010

Added cryptography URL structure, including a statement and a key certification policy. At the same time, I corrected my public key information again. It looks like I'll be updating at least every two years for this!

16 MAY 2009

Create an EVE Online page. It includes some original content of my own (like the Chart of ships) and some content that I resurrected off the web. It was originally created by CCP Games (the creators of EVE Online) as part of their new player experience. At some point in the past, they removed these guides off their website. I found them very valuable, especially when describing certain game mechanics to new players. So I've mirrored them.

17 NOV 2007

Updated information about changes at Chatham, including our new address.

Finally updated information about my new public key. The previous one had expired.

Added pictures of Castor and Pollux to the cats page. Added very minimal information about our three new cats, Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Created the portrait CSS class for displaying pictures with a caption.

Made a few changes to the text of the Ben Love page.

Added a picture gallery for our British Tour 2007.

06 DEC 2005

On the compliance page, in a new section about non-compliance, noted an example of bad HTML.

Added a new link to Nate's Page on the links page.

23 NOV 2005

Added a link to the Wikipedia article on the United Kingdom under Aaron's website on the links page.

Modified a couple links on the main page to be relative, instead of absolute.

Added a paragraph about the technology used on this website.

11 NOV 2005

Removed the Verdana font from being the default.

Removed extensions from pictures. If Content-Type negotiation for permanent URIs is good enough for documents, it's good enough for pictures.

Added a discussion on Content-Type negotiation and permanent URIs to the compliance page.

Moved stylesheets for the website to the directory /styles/. The previous directory /css/ was too dependent upon the technology.

Created a sitemap for without interfering with the parseable XML sitemap.xml for use by search engines.

Added a shortcut icon, otherwise known as a favicon.

Changed the footer of the page slightly, putting the three text items at the bottom on the right side.

10 NOV 2005

Added a favicon to the To Do List.

09 NOV 2005

Made a slight change to the links page.

Added a diatribe on Google's indexing of to the Kylimar page.

Created a default robots.txt that excludes nearly nothing.

Added a robots meta tag to the page header.

Added a sitemap to the To Do List. Also added an item about TITLE attributes for links.

Fixed a formatting problem on this page. It was a dumb mistake. Put a </p> tag in the wrong place.

06 NOV 2005

Finally finished my small treatise on Inheritance.

I updated the machine information because the IP address of my machine changed. The netblock that I had been on was revoked by ARIN, so Waveform Technology had to move me to a different netblock. I had until tomorrow 07 NOV 2005 to make the change.

I added a new page about the website hosting service that I do.

16 OCT 2005

Put the website under the management of CVS. This means that all changes are tracked and any previous version can easily be retrieved.

This Recent Changes page is new. The To Do List page was moved under the section.

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