Kylimar.com is hosted on enedwaith.kylimar.com by Waveform Technology at .

The machine is a dual-processor Pentium III 860 MHz PowerEdge 1550. The bogomips rating of each chip is 1717.04.

It has been running for: 18 days, 3 hours. Interestingly, the uptime rolled over on 07 JULY 2009. Which means as of 15 MAR 2010 the actual uptime is something around 748 days, or just over two years! You can follow along for yourself at Netcraft.

The following text greets those who log in:

        4@P                    4b                         4b    4b
       4@P                     $$                         tt    hh
       $$                      $$                   ..  dttttb  hh
       $$$$$  .$$$.   eeee    ,$$  ww   ww   aaaa       TttttT  hhhhh
       $$     $$ $$  4e()ee  d$$$  ww   ww      ab  $$    tt    hhhhhh
       7@b    $$ $$  eeeee  d$/\$  ww w ww   aaaaa  $$    tt    hh  hh
        7@b   $$ $$  7e     V$\/$  wwwwwww  aa()aT  $$    tt    hh  hh
         72b  $$ $$   7eee   V$$$   ww ww    aaaT   $$    `tb   hh  hh

                    A Subsidiary of the Kylimar Kingdom


 Pronunciation: e'nedwaith ('ai' rhymes with the English 'eye')

 The wide lands that lay between Arnor to the North and Gondor to the South.
 Enedwaith was bordered in the North by the River Gwathlo and in the South by
 the River Isen.  The name means 'Middle-folk' for the people lived between the
 two great kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.  Originally deeply forested, the great
 forests were cut down by the Numenoreans during the Second Age.  Being jointly
 administered by the Dunedain, the Wild Men who inhabited the land ultimately
 did so under Dunedain control.  In the earliest days of the two kingdoms,
 Enedwaith was considered to fall within the boundaries of Gondor.

A screenshot of what it actually looked like in OCT 2005 with proper coloring:
Message Of The Day Screenshot

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