This is my latest attempt at creating a website. This time I have decided to go about it backwards. Usually I try to create the layout and presentation, and then later come up with content. That never works. This time I have created the content first, ensuring that it meets XHTML structural guidelines. After I have created all (or at least most) of the content, I will create CSS styles for presentation and layout. What this means is that the website ought to display properly in text-only and other non-graphical browsers as well as your standard, graphical browsers. For more information, see the section on compliance.

I don't know how often this will happen, but I intend to update the website from time to time. Here is a list of changes. In the off chance that you actually care, I also have a to do list for the site.

I changed the default font of the website to Arial. It had been Verdana. After reading Stephen Poley's article: Why you should avoid Verdana, I decided it would be better to use Arial at 100% than Verdana at 90%.

This website is written primarily in PHP. It is managed by CVS. There is a Google Sitemap of the entire website in XML Sitemap Schema 0.84 form.

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